iCOGNIZE stands for safety

ICOGNIZE GmbH offers innovative biometric solutions in the field of physical and logical access control. Our focus is on palm vein recognition devices, which we produce under the brand name ManuScan.

Unsere Handvenenerkennungsgeräte basieren auf der Fujitsu PalmSecure Technologie (BSI zertifiziert), sind allwettertauglich und mit einem einzigartigen lichtbasierten Handpositionierungssystem ausgestattet.

Our palm vein recognition devices ensure the highest level of security and unsurpassed user-friendliness in the entire spectrum of biometric access control!

Professional Solutions

Our Products

  • ManuScan Indoor

    Designed for high-security, biometric access control in data centers, office buildings, development laboratories, power plants or airports, the ManuScan Indoor palm vein scanner is based on state-of-the-art, ultra-secure Fujitsu Palm-Secure technology.
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  • ManuScan Outdoor

    Palm veins are individualized biometric features, the detection of which not only guarantees the user maximum safety, but also maximum user comfort. The ManuScan Outdoor palm vein scanner was developed for high security biometrical access systems designed for computing centers, office buildings, research labs, power plants or airports and is based on Fujitsu PalmSecure technology.
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  • TANLock 3 Module

    Das TANIock 3 Modul kann jetzt zur Absicherung von Serverschränken mittels Handvenenmodul von iCOGNIZE verwendet werden.

    The configuration can be carried out as usual using our PLEXUS management software.
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  • PLEXUS Software

    PLEXUS software is a modern, modular and versatile access control system.

    Its modular architecture allows for quick extension, also at customer request.
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