Server rack protection with palm vein biometrics

Full integration of the FATH Mechatronics TANlock 3

TANLock 3 can now be used to secure server racks with a palm vein module from iCOGNIZE.

The configuration can be carried out as usual using our PLEXUS management software.

Up to eight server racks can be secured by one Authentication Unit (AU). The power supply and opening of the server racks is done via network and Power over Ethernet.

The solution consisting of the TANlock 3 from FATH Mechatronics and the biometric pam vein scanner from iCOGNIZE is available for almost all common rack types such as Knürr, Vertif, Stengel, Rittal, Minkels, etc. The product with all its necessary components is available from iCOGNIZE GmbH.

The datasheet TANLock 3 as download