pleXus access control and user management software

Made by iCOGNIZE GmbH
The pleXus Software PLEXUS software is a modern, modular and versatile access control system. Its modular architecture allows for quick extension, also at customer request.

The software enables the creation of different, freely definable user groups (e.g. super-admin, admin, etc.), freely pre-definable user profiles
(d.h. fein granulare Rechteverwaltung von Zugangsprofilen nach Personengruppen, Türen und Zugangspunkten, usw.).

Due to the freely selectable operating system platform and the support of Oracle and various SQL databases, the software is very user-friendly. Thanks to the software development system with standardized XML-RPC interface and wrapper for various programming languages, third-party connections for this software are easy to manage.

Physical and logical access control with one GUI and one data set

Different user profiles, fine granular rights management and comprehensive event and changelogs

Autonomously working cells and distributed intelligence with connected nodes

Supports Oracle and many SQL databases, such an MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, etc.

Software development kit independent of the operating system (Windows, Linux)

Software Development Kit verfügbar

AES-256 bit encrypted communication and database

Easy integration with third-party software

The datasheet pleXus Software as download