BioControl Quad

For connecting from one to four ScanVein palm vein scanner

(indoor or outdoor, USB or Ethernet)

For connecting one or more ScanVein sensor heads (indoor or outdoor, USB or Ethernet). Recommended for users of more than 30 people, for recording the vein pattern and subsequent verification or identification (one BioControl Quad is recommended per access point and is installed separately from the sensor head(s). The 12VDC supply via a separate power pack [100-240VAC; Desktop power supply included in the scope of delivery] and the required software including any licenses is already installed on the system.

Configuration of this device is prepared via an integrated double serial port, so it can be used as a template-on card solution.

Its fanless design and full-metal housing clearly guarantee long-term durability and high availability of the system. Bio-Control Quad offers a higher processing power with a lower power dissipation thanks to the Intel Core™ i3 processor.

Technical data

1x Display Port
4x USB 3.0
2x Ethernet 10/100/1000
2x RS232/422/485
Basic operating system: Windows 10 64Bit CE, 
Safety EN60950, Emission EN55022 class B

The datasheet BioControl Quad as download